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Aircraft United is the consortium of aircraft manufacturers, service and leasing companies

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Aicraft United is a consortium created around Afrus Company. For more than 20 years Afrus is delivering first class service to world leaders - Presidens, Kings, Prime Ministers of Russia, UK, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Thailand.
Our consortium includes aircraft manufacturers, whose reliability is tested by time and new developers, acting at the edge of technology.
Aircraft United finance wing enables airlines and aircrft opertors worldwide benefit from AU products leasing.
Grach airplanes
Grach had been initially developed for military purposes. An all-skier, this legend of Soviet and Russian aviation industry is civil now. These airplanes are designed to live forever. Literally. They have no final date of exploitation. Have a look to their outstanding technical parameters. They put the airplane above any competition:
+ 600 meters only take off and landing distance
+ Almost 1,5 tons of pay load / up to 12 passengers
+ Nearly 1000 hp allow 280 km per hour crusing speed and 3000 meters altitude
+ 1260 km - this range is one of the best in the class

NW helicopters
New generation.. These helicopters are inheriting the safety, reliability, survival magic, multi purpose design of the best of Soviet school, yet introducing us the the future today.
Very soon, Septermber 2020 these helicopters and disrupting the aircraaft market by unbeatable price, quality and feature combination.
Moreover, September 2021 these helicopters will be ready for deliver with the autopilot and distant pilotng functions.
Check the functions below, get astonished and order one!
Mi-8 refurbished helicopters
28 years in the market, AFRUS has created a strong network of suppliers, operators, manufacturers and experts. Russia made aircraft, even after it has become out of service, is an opportunity for AFRUS customers. We refurbish the aircraft to the new condition of new ones, sometimes exceeding the new made ones' characteristics. The al time hit is the classic Mi-8, probably the best in the class.

These are the whys you prefer to order refurbished aircraft:
• You acquire fully functional aircraft without queuing
• The characteristics AFRUS refurbished aircraft may exceed the stock ones
• You may request customizing the aircraft on your exact needs
• You save in price up to 60%
• You request and get the exact fuctions you need from your fleet
• You have Afrus guarantee!

Leasing aircraft
We have developed multiple financial tools for enabling Aircraft United Customers acquire and use the aircraft we manufacture.
Leasing is often the most applicable one. Please send us your request, lets develop the most efficient solution for you.
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