Replus Fund
Commercial Real Estate investment

Your investment is fully backed by real estate

This is the case when we have created a business, based on absolutely unmet demand. Before Replus Fund entering the market there was no (at least, our most thorough searches led to zero result) not a single opportunity for secure real estate investments without restrictions on the minimum investment.
Surveys showed a strong desire to invest safely, including small amounts ..

Replus Fund chooses quality real estate. This property is tokenized and becomes the property of the Fund. The former owner of the property receives Replus tokens as payment for the asset . Any investor approved (KYC) may further purchase Replus Tokens on the Fund's internal exchange.
The problems the market and investors have been facing
  • Fraud / Scam Risks - deliberately fraudulent projects
  • Risks of unfinished projects - for example, out of money developer cases
  • Legal Risks - someone has wrong documents
  • The need to accumulate a target amount sufficient for a specific object (apartment, house ...) or go into mortgages / loans
  • Political risks - if you invest in a specific country. Authotiries changes, rules follow
  • Economic risks - stagnation, regression of a certain market
  • Low liquidity - it could take months to years to sell real estate and go into cash
  • Low yield - usual real estate investment tend to have very slow return
Replus Investment Fund solutions
1. You do not buy a specific real estate, but a share in the entire pool of real estate pieces. By analogy, it is buying shares not specifically Google / Apple / Mercedes, but an index, that is, a share in a portfolio of shares. This solves most of the risks.

2. Being a large-scale company, we can afford to conduct a qualitative research of the object before investing, clearly knowing all the "red flags"

3. We invest in real estate worldwide, decreaasing both political and economic risks

4. We invest in a controlling stake in real estate, thus retaining the right to influence the management of the property

5. Buying a stake in the company, you are not limited in the amount of investment. The cost of one token / share will not exceed $20

6. We will provide liquidity - ease of buying / selling a token in our own virtual automated exchange office (you can call it a token exchange)

7. We will ensure an increase in profitability by selecting proper protfolio and efficient management
Replus tokens, issuance, backing, security
1. We issue new tokens only upon acquiring of a new asset that becomes the property of Replus Fund

2. All tokens will be fully backed with real estate

3. We set the goals of the company to bring the token to a liquidity level close to that of dollar and euro

4. All property will be subject to full legal check prior to acquisition

5. All property will be insured in respectable international insurance companies

6. Your investments are fully used for the purchase of real estate
Replus tokens use
1. RE + Tokens as a first approximation - this is your share in the entire real estate owned by the Fund

2. The Fund plans to support and sometimes initiate the creation of business, based on real estate - construction of a residential complex / shopping center / resort on lands and in buildings owned by the Foundation. You can invest in these projects with Replus tokens

3. The fact that Replus tokens are backed by the most reliable asset, will inevitably lead them to the status of the base currency, which will be used to list all other digital assets (tokens, coins, fiat money)

4. Reliability, security and, perhaps the most interesting - the profitability of the Replus token will lead to its demand as a means of payment. All merchants in a legal jurisdiction for digital currency will prefer Replus to any other means of payment
Replus Fund activities basic rule
Real estate selection, evaluation, management
Selecting the real estate. Criteria.
    • The property should bring income to existing owner now.
    • If the previous statement is not valid, our experts should have a clear vision of tmaking the property profitable within next six months
    • We pay mrket price, giving prefernece to the property with discount though
    • 12% per annum is the mimimal revenue we expect from the property we purchase
    Managing the property. On 100% ownership
    • We insure the property at the time of purchase, working with the most reliable insurance companies
    • The expert committee determines the criteria for successful management of the facility.
    • We assign internal team or hand over the management to a third party with proven experience of successful management of similar property
    Management on partial ownership
    • We evaluate the quality of management, expertise and efficiency of the team before making a purchase.
    • Together with the current management team, we prescribe the criteria and indicators of management success
    • We automate processes, move them to blockchain, have online access to th property management efficiency data
    For real estate owners
    You can offer us your property for the full or partial sale.
    We are interested only in the best property.
    We may consider real estate facing known difficulties (bail, for example). We have the financial ability to purchase the object from the pledge. For these type of cases we expect significant discounts in price.
    When selling real estate to the Fund, you receive Replus tokens, which you then put on sale on the internal Replus exchange. A steady stream of investors comes to us, therefore, if you wish, you will be able to exchange Replus tokens to fiat or crypto in a fairly short time.
    Replus team
    Elmar Malikov
    CEO and co-founder
    Elmar's experience with real estate starts from 2002, when he got involved in indoor and outdoor amusement parks desiign and construction. Since that time his company alone and in partnerships have been involved in tens of projects.

    Signinfcant projects include entertainment centers and parks in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, stand alone unique ferris wheel in Azerbaijan.

    Previously, 1991-2002, worked for several multinational companies in telco, fmcg, fintech industries in several countries in financial and marketing management positions. Since 2002 has founded and developed several multi million companies of his own, advised and coached startups and business as service.
    Evgeny Alekhin
    CBDO and co-founder
    Real estate expert, Evgeny processes extensive knowledge in real estate field performing as an architect for commercial real estate projects.

    Co-founder of several companies, he is has been managing business for 14 years. He has been involved in projects for Adidas, Mail.RuGroup, Gazprom, MiraxGroup, Western Digitales, Malina, Rosatom, Topgun, MaisonDellos.

    His startup winned the prize in the venture festival SOBA "The Best Startup for the Investor", in the IT and Electronics nomination, 2016.

    Madinatul Fadhilah
    A graduate from Law Faculty of Gadjah Mada University with the specialization in International Law, Madina after gaining the [roper experience has founded
    MADINA & ASSOCIATES lawfirm, specializing in International Business Transaction, Corporate Legal, Capital Market, and Commercial Litigation. She already established a hundred start up companies and multinational companies incorporation.
    She is a founder and active member of Institute For Development & Environmental Studies; HIPAGAMA (Gadjah Mada Entrepreneur Association); Gulf Countries Investment Forum; International Healthcare Corporate Legal Association, Indonesia-Bahrain Business Forum, Iran-ASEAN Business Council, and Russia-Indonesia Business Union.
    Her charity activities include Dompet Dhuafa and Golden Village Foundation.
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