Aircraft United
design, production, sales, leasing, refurbishing, tuning and investment

We are combining experience and innovation to deliver most reliable, efficient, multi-purpose aircraft to the world. Raised investment single target is financing aircraft leasing.
Activity scope
Manufacturing - we produce
Refurbishing - we givesecond life to used aircraft
Tuning - we customize aircraft for special needs
R&D - we invest in research, invention and construction of new aircraft
Financing - we apply leasing
New aircraft delivery. Sales & leasing.
USSR and consequently, Russia made airplanes and helicopters are famous on reliability, transformability, magic survival abilities. This airplane had been made for army. It is an all-skier. The legend of Soviet and Russian aviation industry is civil now. These airplanes are designed to live forever. Literally. They have no final date of exploitation. Have a look to their outstanding technical parameters. They put the airplane above any competition:
+ 600 meters only take off and landing distance
+ Almost 1,5 tons of pay load / up to 12 passengers
+ Nearly 1000 hp allow 280 km per hour crusing speed and 3000 meters altitude
+ 1260 km - this range is one of the best in the class

New aircraft delivery. Sales & leasing. NW helicopters
New generation.. These helicopters are inheriting the safety, reliability, survival magic, multi purpose design of the best of Soviet school, yet introducing us the the future today.
Very soon, Septermber 2020 these helicopters and disrupting the aircraaft market by unbeatable price, quality and feature combination.
Moreover, September 2021 these helicopters will be ready for deliver with the autopilot and distant pilotng functions.
Check the functions below, get astonished and order one!
Refurbished aircraft delivery. We give second life to helicopters. Full life, with even better charachteristics.
28 years in the market, AFRUS has created a strong network of suppliers, operators, manufacturers and experts. Russia made aircraft, even after it has become out of service, is an opportunity for AFRUS customers. We refurbish the aircraft to the new condition of new ones, sometimes exceeding the new made ones' characteristics.

These are the whys you prefer to order refurbished aircraft:
• You acquire fully functional aircraft without queuing
• The characteristics AFRUS refurbished aircraft may exceed the stock ones
• You may request customizing the aircraft on your exact needs
• You save in price up to 80%
• You request and get the exact fuctions you need from your fleet
• You have Afrus guarantee!

Tuning, Aircraft and Yachts
Well, no investment is needed for this part of our activities. We get paid upfront for VIP and VVIP tuning services. Just sharing with you this part of our activities. We deal with:
•Passive security system
•Engine and technology solutions
We certify and register
The market problem and the solution
• SEA, especially Indonesia is in huge need for additional aircraft
• Operators do not have enough financial power for aircraft direct purchase
• Manufacturer banks prefer to credit local operations
• Indonesia banks are not open for this scale of financing

• Indonesia, the primary market, is a country of 17 000 islands
• Air transport is nearly the only alternative to boat transport, which is extremely dependent on nature. This is valid both for passenger and cargo transportation
• Average high temperature is the cause of forest fires. Fire-fighting using water bombing by aircraft is often the only choice

• New aircraft delivery is extremely expansive, too expansive for non-commerial use often
• The best equipment is not manufactured in the amount satisfying the demand – the queuing may be years
• The above causes financial losses due to waiting time

• We offer the alternative - refurbished aircraft to compliment new aircraft delivery
We will be raising funds.
We do want to put it as crowd investment. Though it is a lot of cost, time and effort. We still go for it, if the white list covers at least 10% of the target amount. If not, we will have to accomplish just a private placement.

Target amount: 975 000 000 USD equivalent. Funds' purposes:
• 625 000 000 USD, 250 helicopters Mi171 class purchase for further refurbishing and leasing, 2 500 000 USD per unit
• 50 000 000 USD, one Tu204 purchase for further leasing
• 150 000 000 USD, R&D (we get shares of manufacturers in return)
• 20 000 000 USD, Office & maintenance and refurbishment centre in Indonesia OPEX and CAPEX

Important. Public placement has not started yet. DO NOT send any money to any wallet / account until you get whitelisted and we officilly announce on this page the start of campaign.

Important. No investment can be a promise of revenue! Yet our team trusts and will do the best to continue building profitable business for the benefit of investors and the community.

Any investment made is backed buy business. The backing includes:
1. Aircraft fleet
2. Commercial leasing contracts
3. Maintenance and refurbishment facilities

Investors are getting security tokens for their money, which means ownership of the Company. Expected are revenues from operation to be paid as dividends. The other source of potential revenue is the capital worth increase, means the increase in the token price.
Our leaders
Dmitri Kachalov
CTO and Founder
Education - Moscow aviation institute,

Worked for P. O. Sukhoy, 2000-2004, KNIIRTI, 2004-2007

JSC Afrus 2004-to the moment started from engineer position, now is the managing director, main shareholder.

Significant projects:

72 V-VIP, VIP and standard airplanes modified and tuned for leaders of RF, Ukraine, UK, SAR, Azerbaijan, Thailand, corporation and bank heads

Orders accomplished for British Airways, Air Atlanta, Emirates, Monarch, Air France, Cathay Pacific, Pulkovo, Malev, ČSA, Lukoil, UCOS, Airbus, BAE Systems, BE Aerospace, Westlands, B-N-Group and many others

Air ofices based on Il-96-300 and Mi8-MTB1 for RF president manufactured in close cooperation with Ilushin and Mil companies

Built or significantly reworked airplanes for: UK Queen – 2 airplanes

Ukraine president – 3 airplanes RF defense minister – 1 airplane SAR leaders – 2 helicopters

Participated in development ot| Air transport defense systems, DRLO airplane concept development, Ultrafine-dispersed aerodynamic crushing of solid materials, Automatic mill for the manufacture of gabion structures

Elmar Malikov
CEO and Founder
Since 2002 established and developed several multimillion companies

Is a master coach and certified coach trainer. Neurolinguistics master and certified trainer. Teaches neuro-coching in Moscow universities. Is coaching business leaders.

1991-2002 has been working for several multinational companies in telco, fmcg, fintech industries in several countries in top management positions

Since 2002 deals with startups and investment. Overall investment since exceeds 40 000 000 USD

ICOs he suported as an adviser raised about 200 mln USD equivalent.

Is an expert for general and professional mass media, provides analytics and expert comments and articles to Novie vedomosti, Perviy kanal, Argumenti I fakti, Nano channel, planet today. He is an author.

Significant projects include disrupting Azerbaijan mobile market with new product. The product increased the customer base by 400%.

Was part of estblishing new mobile operator in Georgia.

Was part of creation of award wining amusement parks in many countries.

Managed from scratch to installation the project of the unique ferris wheel in Baku.

Madinatul Fadhilah
CLO and Founder
2006, Law Faculty of Gadjah Mada University with the specialization in International Law
2007-2008, Jr. Lawyer in Simbolon & Partners
2008-2012, Sr. Lawyer Dedy Kurniadi & Co Law Office

2012-present, MADINA & ASSOCIATES lawfirm, specialize in International Business Transaction, Corporate Legal, Capital Market, and Commercial Litigation. She already established a hundred start up companies and multinational companies incorporation in Indonesia.

2017-2018, Country Director for elevated transport company

September 2018, CEO PT. Cantaka Nusantara Perkasa. She dares to be a co-founder this company to challenge her passion in innovation, infrastructure, investments.

Founder /active meber of Institute For Development & Environmental Studies; HIPAGAMA (Gadjah Mada Entrepreneur Association); Gulf Countries Investment Forum; International Healthcare Corporate Legal Association, Indonesia-Bahrain Business Forum, Iran-ASEAN Business Council, and Russia-Indonesia Business Union.

Her charity activities include Dompet Dhuafa and Golden Village Foundation.

Evgeny Alekhin
CBDO and co-founder
Entrepreneur, designer, architect, investor, ideologist, author of several business concepts, startups, creative ideas, traveler, golfer, over 15 years in business.

Several companies are developing under my management:

4D.STUDIO is a group of companies in design, architecture, design and development. We design and sell office buildings, business centers, cottages, villas, villages, interiors of residential and public premises, yachts and aircraft.

FLYFREE is an airline concept with free flights.

UNICORN MONEY - Investment company, fund. A team with more than 15 years of experience in private equity and venture capital investment, capital management.

He has been involved in projects for Adidas, Mail.RuGroup, Gazprom, MiraxGroup, Western Digitales, Malina, Rosatom, Topgun, MaisonDellos.

His startup winned the prize in the venture festival SOBA "The Best Startup for the Investor", in the IT and Electronics nomination, 2016.

Aircraft United partners

Afrus Ltd.
Afrus , owned and managed by AU co-founder, Dmitri Kachalov is fully backing AU technical management. This includes assembly, maintenance, refurbishment, tuning, certification and licensing.

Afrus, formed in 1996 is a unique company in the market.

AFRUS is one of the few companies in the market able to work with green airplanes and helicopters. We have the trust from presidents, prime ministers, kings. Those we can mention are Russia's president, Ukrain's prime minister.

AFRUS is one of the only two companies that upgrade Challenger 650 green aircraft to VIP configuration and the only one that delivers the aircraft in V-VIP configuration.

AFRUS has •The right and capability to work with secret information, V-VIP customers. The company delivered 72 units of aircraft tuned to specific customer needs. Afrus possesses experience with wide range of aircraft - Mil, Sukhoi, Ilyushin, Tupolev, Bombardier, Cessna…
Cantaka nusantara
Cantaka is an Indonesia based company. The company is supporting AU with maketing, public and government relations, administration. Cantaka main activities is developing infrustructure projects n Indonesia.

Madinatul Fadhilah, co-fiunder and CLO of AU is the main shareholder of Cantaka.
APC - Grach manufacturer
APC possesses all the rights, patents, factory facilities and competence and delivers the civil modification of famous grach airplanes.

APC has signed exclusive sales agreement with Aircraft United, meaning ay sales of the company is only accomplished through Aircraft Union.
NHC - New Helicopters Company
New helicopters are at a very high level of 6 first helicopters production. Using the worrld's best knowledge and experience in aircraft NHC has developed the construction design anв is building small aircraaft to the market dominated by the only player now.

NHC has signed exclusive sales contrct with Aircraft United, meaning all saales of the aircraft will be accomplished only through AU.
2015 the idea of the new united aircraft company developed
The main driver is eliminating the gap between the aircraft invention and the end user - airlines, operators, individual users
Important agreements with spare part supplers signed
2018 Elmar Malikov moves to Indonesia
Indonesia was selected to become the target market due to its domimamt position in SEA region
December, 2018 Preliminary orders
Airctuft United after almost a year of establishment in Indonesia starts receiveing preliminary orders for aircraft
February 2019, Grach agreement
Memorandum on eclusinve partnership agreed with Grach, Russian unique airplane manufacturer
March 2019, NHC agreement
We have agreed conditions on exclusive agreement wiith new small size helicopters manufacturer
May 2019, Investment raising decision made, campaign started
With preliminry aagreements signed both with suplierand the custoemrs, th company needs additional financing to start leasing opertions
July 2019, public or private placement decision made
Depending on the total of the invetment planned by the whitelisted investors
July 2019, STO application to financial authorities produced
If the decision on public placement is positive
August 2019, fundraising campaign started
Investment accepted upon approvals from the accord authorities
September 2019, maintenance and refurbishment centre established
Security tokens delivered to investors immediatealy on funds acceptnce
September 2019, orders to manufacturers made
Amount of aircraft ordered will be in accordance with the funds raised.
November 2019, listing accomplished
We will list AU security tokens on a reputable exchange
March 2020, aircraft delivery start
We start delivering the aircraft in accordance with the agreements signed
April 2020, buying shares in manufacturers
We buy out 50% of shares of the partner manufcturers of the aircraft. All our investment to be directed to R&D, faaacilities increase
January 2021, dividend distribution
Starting 2021, we plan annual distribution of dididends to existing investors, according the share in company they hold
February 2021, open for autipilot helicopter orders
According to out internl roadmap the autopilot helicopters are ready for deliver September 2021
September 2021, first autpilot helicopters delivered to the buyers
We have coapcity for delivering 50 units per year
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