Sea Breeze, Phu-Quoc, Vietnam
a top development project of SEA

40 hectares on the coast and 60 hectares offshore in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, free economic zone are under development.
The project includes:
  • Marina and yacht club for 300 parking spaces
  • Elite condominium for 250 apartments
  • Residence with 40 villas and 100 luxury apartments
  • 100,000 sq. m for a shopping mall
  • Plastic Surgery Center
  • 120 rooms and 40 villas of a 5* hotel

Investwing oversees the development of the concept, 350,000,000 USD of external financing.
Sea Breeze contents
Marina & yacht club
• Marina type: yacht port
• Development area: 20,000 sq. m
• Water area: 40,000 sq. m
• Parking capacity, crafts: 300
• Maximum craft dimensions: 100 feet (30 meters)
• Depth at quay wall: 2.5–4 m
• Amount of investment: $ 18,500,000 • Construction time: 18 months
Shopping and entertainment mall
Many respondents who participated in the study of Phu Quoc's tourism potential, note that in addition to the resort infrastructure, the resort lacks a full-fledged shopping space, which could become a point of attraction for both tourists and locals.
Elite class condominium
• Total area : 50,000 sq. m
• Area of the capital structure development: 30,000 sq. m
• Adjacent (shared) territory: 20,000 sq. m
• Buildings in the complex facility: 6 • Floors: 19 (60 m)
• Apartments per building: 200–250
• Apartment size: 40–120 sq. m
• Total indoor area per building: 21,000 sq. m
• Residential area per building: 17,000 sq. m
• Total residential area of the complex facility: 102,000 sq.m. • Investment: $ 116,000,000
• Construction time: 24-30 months
• Total area of the resort: 40,000 sq. m (4 hectares)
• Area of capital structure development: 20,000 sq. m
• Villas: 40
• Area per villa 220– 480 sq.m
• Buildings of apartments: 3 (5 or 6 floors)
• Apartments per building: 30–35
• Apartment unit area: 90–180 sq. m
• Investment cost of construction: $44,550,000
• Construction time: 18 months
5* hotel
• Class: luxury/upscale
• Total area: 40,000 sq. m (4 hectares)
• Development area: 20,000 sq. m (2 hectares)
• Recreation park area: 20,000 sq. m (2 hectares)
• Rooms: 125 (95 standard, 20 superior, 5 luxury)
• Villas: 40 (20 of 4 rooms, 12 of 6 rooms, 8 of 8 rooms).
• Total investment: $ 21,090,000
• Construction time: 18 months
Plastic surgery, rehabilitation, beauty and health centre
Phu-Quoc health and beauty center will be operating in partnership with a respected international plastic surgery brands. Not only surgery is planned but 360 body diagnostics, world's best health care practices will be implemented.
Key team members
Project leader — Dmitry Mitin. General Director of Sea Breeze VN Company Limited, with 15 years of experience in the implementation of construction projects.

Business leader — Olga Mitina. Founder of Sea Breeze VN Company Limited, PhD in Law, 16 years of experience.

Manager & commercial director — Artem Laskutnikov. Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law, Xiamen University (PRC): international economics. 12 years industry experience (China, Vietnam, Japan). He speaks English and Vietnamese.

Managing partner — Geoff Spiller. Head of GMS Group: company-partner in managing the hotel complex (brands: RC and W). Over 20 years of experience in Southeast Asia.

Brand manager & Creative director — Vyacheslav Kharlamov. Moscow State University of Technology and Management: the enterprise economy. He has 17 years of experience in advertising and graphic design. And 4 years of experience in strategic branding, implementing brand projects and managing a branding agency.

Strategy and investment coordinator - Elmar Malikov. 19 years of experience in commercial real estate and investment. Elmar has coordinated more than 30 commercial real estate projects internationally.

Architecture and design coordinator - Evgeny Alekhin. An architect, his teams have designed and coordinated 500 000 sq. m. of estates worldwide.
Sea Breeze partners
Investwing is supporting the project with strategy, business model, investor relations and networking. Investwing financing portfolio is exceeding 800 000 000 USD
Afrus is one of the business leaders in jet and yacht tuning and upgrade. Afrus is coordinating Marina and yacht club pat of the project
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Banks &
Our project requires 350 000 000 USD investment. The most pessimistic evaluation of the project in 36 months after construction finishes is 1 050 000 000 USD.

Be part of our project financing! Get your share of the revenue we will generate.
Sea Breeze has exclusive opportunity for the buyers of apartments and villas in our condominium. Unlike the most projects in the SEA, our buyers get the ownership over the property they invest in.

Except for being a perfect place to live, the island is also a free economic zone. If you are buying your villa / apartment for commercial purposes, you will benefit from minimal taxation as well.
Mall operator & tenants
Sea Breeze shopping and entertainment mall is going to be the fist and probably the only indoor mall on the island.

We are currently selecting our partner - the operator. Contract us if you are the one.

Tenants are welcome to book their spaces in advance as well.
Hotel operator
We are still selecting. Every business has to be managed by a professional team. We are open for hotel management professionals.

We even prefer to adapt the concept of our 5* hotel to the reasoned advice from our hotel management partner.
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